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Soulf Of King pose monstre river

The African Start Up ADIGA Group (Africa Digital Game) based in Dakar in Senegal has just succeeded in a very important fundraising for the realization of the first African Video game "  SOUL OF KING  »MOBA style worth 5 million euros (more than 3  Billions of F CFA).


Soul of  King

The Start-up ADIGA Group, which positions itself as a video game publisher, is in the process of developing its video game "  SOUL OF KING  »Like MOBA literally in English (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), translated into French by (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

Thus, this first MOBA-type video game created by an African structure will bring freshness and innovation to the international market which weighed nearly 152 billion dollars in 2019.


Therefore, this Video game from the Start-up ADIGA Group will be, for the youth of the whole world (with more than 600 million gamers in Africa alone) a great business opportunity for African politicians.  ; but also among millennials, a creation of values and a significant lever for growth as part of the digital transformation of the African continent. It will also participate in the development of this global creative economy for the happiness of the entire gaming community.

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