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Soul of  King

The # 1 MOBA Game

Edited from Africa

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 F U T U R    I S  N O W

Monstre de Riviére Soul Of King.png
Battle Map Soul Of King.png

Defy Boss like never before

Command the minions

Soul of King let you defy unseen boss with unexpected powers. Like in all MOBA earn a tactical advantage for your team after beating the river monster and the jungle monster.

Soul of King is the first MOBA to give to players a feature claimed for years : command the minions. Let the AI targets enemies or give spontaneous order to the minion brigade leader.

Monstre 1 Soul Of King.png

Fall in love with monsters

The minion monster are so helpful in the battlefield. They will be there in all your critical moments while fighting with other players. Give love to these awful creatures.


Play in realtime 5v5 in a thrilling decor

Map Combat Soul Of King.png
Map Battle Soul of King.png

Find the best tactics on map

Defend your nexus and cross the river to destroy everything from your enemies. Test and learn the best aggressive or defensive tactics and exploit advantages from the map.

ADAE Soul Of King.png

Master powerful champions

Worldclass leaderboard

Explore a collection of heroes with their own unique capacities. Master your favorite ones and upgrade their sets and skins, battle after battle, to become the legendary Soul of King.

Soul of King lays on the best cloud technologies to authorize world class esport competitions with real time leaderboard. Play with your friends 5 versus 5. Available on iOS and android.



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